So I’ve been going to sell most of the cars I get from wheel spins on the auction house. However, every so often after a random amount of cars. A message pops up on screen saying that I’ve reached the limit for the time period. Please try again later. Something like that at least. I’m sure many people have encountered this message but does anyone have any idea what the limit is and what the time period is?

I believe its 24 cars in any 24 hour period.

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laneburyta is correct; it used to be 10 in 24 hours :frowning:

If possible, a suggestion for the devs, please add a sell back to the Autoshow (like in Motorsport) even if it is just the opening bid amount… I keep getting MGs, and Golfs, would be cool if I could gift my duplicates to club members or friends… without having to time an auction.

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I second this even if it’s for almost nothing I’ve deleted a lot of cars either that or raise the garage limit so you can have at least one of every car in the game. 550 is not enough!!!

I’ve been wondering this with frustration, as I’ve on successfully sold 5 cars today since 9.45am it’s 01.08am the next day I’ve posted numerous cars up for sale probs 15 but only 5 sold and now it says limit reached?!? Can the devs fix this lol it’s hard to make money in races etc but if you can’t sell cars it’s quite disappointing…

The number that actually sold doesn’t make a difference. You can list 25 in a 24 hour period, that’s it.