Auction House is fantastic if you snipe right

I only had 750,000ish credits, but I just got a Bentley 8-Liter ($1.5 mil), BMW M1 ($585,000), Lola #6 Penske ($850,000), Maserati MC12 ($2mil), & Porsche Speedster ($300,000) all within that budget. I only lost out on one car, an Aston Martin DB5 that someone bought out & im still waiting to see if i win one more. That 5, possibly 6 expensive & mostly good cars with only one lost & i have 49,971 credits left that I’m going to hold & build up with online races so I can tune some of these.

How did this happen? I want after cars that are good but not that well used or pay attention too by the majority. I do like these cars looks as well as the performance in most of them. I started out looking for the Lola & it went on from there. I was not going to his for anything over 300,000 credits & i was not going to bid for anything over 10 minute wait except for one exception in currently waiting for. Now I got some really rare, good looking & mostly good performance expensive cars for over half off. This was all done within an hour before I wrote this.

I would advise those of you that dont do this, try this method out as well. Sniping lesser known but still good perfromance & good looking cars. Doing it late at night affords you a better opportunity of winning a bid as well & to catch lots of auction times running low.

Thank u auction house & happy sniping to you all. I’m at least very happy with my current pick ups.