Auction House Dilemma

Hey guys,Been trying to bid for a Ferrari 250 GTO and it’s always a disaster as I get outbid by the same mafia of gamers
who strive to keep everyone out of winning one of these cars.Unfair outbidding and the inflated prices probably keep a lot of
gamers out of this auction.Unless you’re loaded with credits there’s no chance of getting one.Can something be done about
this or is it just a lost cause talking about it.What is so special about this car anyway apart from the high price,but you need one
to get a particular achievement,then what back to the auction to sell for a ridiculous amount.Any thoughts or advice would help.

ive found car prices differ at different times of the day and night only advice i can give is keep a look out for a bargain re-paint it n tune it n sell for profit and when u need a break from auction house hit the rivals mode as its a good way to build your credits.

It is possible to get a deal, I once got one for 100K ! Some people like to flip them and make a few credits, others use them to move credits around or use them as an ‘in-garage’ bank. No way to fight it but you can usually find one for less than list. If you’re looking to get the Exclusive Taste achievement, take a look at the link below, Black 97 Kouki is offering them as a gift…

Thanks heaps guys and tried that lead you mentioned but got no response so gave up on that,also the buyouts are ridiculous so will keep trying until I can get one to complete that cheevoice,cheers

Special thanks to PapaDIDDYpop83 for your tremendous help You are a Legend!!!

no problem will have to have a race sometime