Auction House Didn't Give Me My Money

So I sold a horizon edition '69 Camaro for 901,000 and I went to collect the money and it just says couldn’t download auction and now the notification saying it has sold has gone away. How do I get my money?

I dont know but the same thing happened to me with buying a car, I can’t collect it either.

Same here sold a BMW m3 horizon edition for 1,306,000 and money and auction disappeared

Me too sold a bmw m3 he for 1,306,000 didn’t get it either

Please post troubleshooting threads in the appropriate Support subforum under FH3 Discussion so that the development team will be able to see it and address the issue.

I hope the bugs are worked out , the auction house was pretty good before, in older FMS games

same i bid on a car didnt win but took my money [Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS]

Yeah I just lost 200k on a camaro I didn’t win so unless it keeps your money until the auctions over I’m gonna be upset

same happened to me yesterday… tried to bid on a jag 7 a few times, an error message kept popping up (something to do with server) then it took my bid and 651k and gave the car to someone else. I got no car and lost money, or maybe I bought it for someone else.

If you loose an auction, you have to collect your bid (claim it back) after the auction is over.
The same if you win, then you have to claim your car before it is added to your garage.

You have to go into the my bids tab and reclaim your bid money. The game doesn’t automatically put it back in to your credits.