Auction House: Cars to flip

Does anyone know of any cars to flip to make a significant profit? It is challenging to so given Forza’s 15% auction fee. (I think its 15%)

The game is old now, I think it is hard to flip cars when most people have all the cars. However most people have 999,999,999 credits now so instead of flipping the cars you just need to arrange to sell the cars for top price with someone who has all the credits.

As the latest update made a change so that cars are listed at maximum buyout unless specifically reduced (as opposed to listed at minimum buyout unless increased as before), this has become very difficult now.

The only real way to do it is to try and predict which cars maximum buyout is going to increase. For example, as the Rimac has been a Forzashop item this week, you can currently purchase them in the AH for about 3,000,000 (or use Forza points to buy them). Once it’s out of the shop on Thursday, it’s probably going to steadily rise in price again over time. That’s a long term strategy though and relies on the market not now being saturated as a result of everyone being able to get them for free this week.

If you want to flip cars, play The Eliminator as the cars flip dead easy during that game mode now.


There’s even a song called “Flipping Cars” in Horizon Block Party… (Flipping Cars - SHREDDERS)

Buy “1953 Jaguar C-Type” from the Autoshow for 5,000,000 Cr, list in the Auction House for 20,000,000 Cr, and expect some philanthropist to buyout…

I guess there might be a better car for this, but yet I’m unaware of.

Buy up rare/exclusive cars from the auction house when they are in season.

For example, I bought well over 100 of the Porsche 356 SL’s cheap (most were only 138k to 200k) in auction a few weeks back. I’m slowly selling them for 900k to 1mil after applying a livery and tune. I also bought a few '99 Lotus’s for a similar price and they are selling at about [updated] 3mil!

Ahhh … good old times :slight_smile:

New changes to AH make this kind of flips rather hard (impossible) to accomplish now days.