Auction House Bug

Whenever I try to view a car in the auction house I’m having this weird bug in which I can’t do anything but watch the car my bid/buyout and other things on the menu won’t show up and all I can do is go back to my Xbox home screen.
I started getting this when I pressed a to view a auction not y to bid on it.
Has anyone else got this problem or know how to fix this?
Oh and another thing I noticed was that I can’t see who won an auction when I lost one this is also happening on my leader board.

I had this but with only one car so far. The HE Jaguar. I just left it and it took about 2mins for it to go back to normal. Unfortunately this can lead to you losing an auction because you can’t place a bid in time.

I lost 600k on this bug… I’m really pissed.