Auction house broke?

Is the auction house broke? I just trying to buy out a car it said I didn’t have enough credits it was for 1.9mil I had 8.2 mil when I exited out of it I had less than 6 mill left. I tried on a couple other cars the same thing. I’m down to 800,000 now. I don’t know what happened

There’s a hacker in auction on Xbox One, his name is Dracos 8 MVP, he’s changing cars’ buy out prices to 20,000,000 CR and I just lost 359,000 CR to him. Not sure how to report other than Xbox Report but they won’t do anything. I have a picture.


Yes, it is broken. And this bug is already listed on the known issues list for about two month I think. So using the auction house is on your own risk actually. May be PGG could insert a warning message for that in their next patch if they cannot fix this in time…

I’m sure you’ve already got this sorted by now, but just in case you don’t, you can get your credits back by doing a hard reset if you’re playing on console. Same thing happened to me for more than 2 weeks. Resetting the game should give your credits back, but it still doesn’t fix the fact that you can’t buy anything at the AH until they fix the problem.