Auction Failed Please Try Again Later

I can’t list anymore cars. It said try again later it has been 12 hours.


I’m having a similar issue, I can list cars but everytime I bid or choose to buyout a car for sale it says “Your bid failed. Please try again”


Yeah sorta but i cant list you probs are buying to late. or just same thing says please try again later. ITS BEEN 12 HOURS

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same here. saying maximum listed. had around 10 earlier listed. now can’t list 2

Sadly not, I wish it was something as simple as bidding too late and missing out, its any/every auction I try to bid on, I’ve tried over 20 auctions to ensure it wasn’t my doing, hopefully it will be fixed soon

Yeah I have like 1 Mil in cars to sell

I have the same issue im really anoyed this is the time to get the sweet deals I cant buy And sell

so ticked off

Sign out and sign your profile back in again worked for me

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I can list my car but I am not able to purchase or bid.

I can’t do anything on it - buy, sell, bid…

Same with the storefront - that’s running really naff too…

The game has only been out 24 hours though (uk time), so I expect teething issues.

i can’t bid or list!!!

Same problem here! I paid to get ahead, I can’t get ahead if the auction isn’t working!

The issue is still going on, hit and miss. Sometimes I can get lucky and see some cars for auction, then errors when I try to bid. Other times I can’t even view any active auctions. Maybe it will be better tomorrow…

Still not worKing can we have answer I see People bid why cant I not bid anymore

try to list 1 car says max number of listings…try later FIX THIS

Im having an issue where everytime i try to place a higher bid on top of someone who out bidded me it tells me “BID FAILED”, i hope they fix this issue soon.

Me and all my mate have the same problem cant bid or buyout just says bid failed

still Can’t list…AH IS NOT WORKING LOL

I also can not bid or buy cars from auction. This whole game experience has become a let down and disappointment