Auction Error

I’ve been recieving this error for a few weeks now. Even after I reinstalled Windows and the game. I also get a weird error when I try to custom upgrade my car and paint my car.

Things I have tried:
Reinstalled Windows (Had too)
redownload the game and onto a new hard drive
Deleted liveries
Deleted Tunes
Reset all networking things I can think of.

When I do collect a car that I buy, I get an error but I just accept it and the car is in my garage. As well as when I install custom upgrades, I get an error, just accept it but that it installs the upgrades. When I paint a car, I adandon the setup switch to another car than switch back and the paint job is there. I have no blocks on my account. My privacy is wide open. It only does it for like 90 percent of the cars.

It gives me a simular error when I try to collect a car I buy from the auction. I am literally running out of money and I cannot sell cars. I am so confused and cannot find any information on this. Any information?

Just saw my build number is 1.416.287.2
I do not have any option to update it. Via the store or Xbox Game App. I am on PC.

This is the correct latest version, same as I have, so that isn’t the problem. (Not including the new update which is due out today.)

I found this thread from two years ago… the only advice was to delete your save and start anew. Whether you need to do that, I don’t know though. That’s for FH3 but sometimes an odd bug can persist between older Forzas and newer ones.

Okay, I was trying to ask other PC players on my friends list to see if I had an issue with updating. Knowing Microsoft… Anyways, I did notice the update on the Forza board and it was dated yesterday so, I guess anytime for a new update eh?

I did notice if I fully reboot my PC I’ll get a small windows where I can auction cars. Very small window. After that, same issue arises.