ATTN: SatNite

You might want to watch this:


That was good, and you managed not to get buckets dropped on your heads like most so I call that a win-win.


Looking forward to the response.

The challenge has been issued!

Some say Dan Greenawalt leaves them cold. Now I know what they mean.


They’re always better when they’re cold.

I look forward to your video SatNite. :stuck_out_tongue:


Throwing the challenge Kaz’ way? I suppose we’ll see his video “in a future update”.

nah, he’ll release it as 120p and make you pay for the 720p version.

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What was the video about? I was to busy admiring the cars…

Speaking from experience just hold your breath mate. It’s very um refreshing haha.

I am just going to let my drivatar handle it on my behalf :wink:


Waiting for the Horizon 2 release and driving into the Mediterranean does not count!

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Sure it does

+1 hahaa

Awesome nomination from Dan to SatNiteEduardo though.

Can’t believe Brian (Mechberg) avoided a nomination! Surely a nomination goes his way SatNite? Haha

This video made me laugh when i saw it too early this morning. Had to be up way too early, and this made me feel better. Can’t wait to see Eduardo get his chilly soaking. Yes, Eduardo, you HAVE to. lol

Color me absolutely surprised.

Not bad - but there are much more creative ways of doing the ALS Challenge now :smiley:

Someone stole my idea. Have to rethink now lol

Maybe I will just give it a miss :wink:

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Could always just do what I did, just donate the money and not do the silly ice thing.