I tried to PM something important to you but your inbox is full! (Mr Popular!) lol.
Anyway it’s important so can you read your 10,000 messages and get back to me. I’m gonna send this info to devs directly to but it may be lost in the thousands of complaints about Horizon not running on someone’s 15 year old beige box.

Oh, thank goodness! Silence in the Inbox!

It’ll be a couple hours. Limo service for my wife to work, replacement of the cracking windshield (thanks, rocks!) and visit to the Vet with a sick cat.

We all have our priorities.


Get yourself checked out as well when you’re at the vets.


Hope your cat gets to feeling better

Your inbox is still full! lol
Must have missed the 3 second gap when there was a slot!

Thanks. She’s been adopted by the vets as a resident. They can observe and do the (expensive) testing we cannot afford. We’ll miss her, but she’s sweet, will adapt and get the help she needs now. :frowning:

Hey Mr. Owl.

I know you’re busy, but I’ve just tried to send a PM to you but you’re ol’ inbox is full. Will you get it as and when you clear it or should I resend?

I’m not normally one to send things in, but this guy’s livery was most distasteful. :confused:

You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff i’ve seen on cars in this specific iteration of the franchise. lol
I think Snowowl has left his inbox full to avoid all the complaints about people’s issues with the game. I literally had some guy yesterday tell me he SHOULD be able to run this game on ultra settings with his 8 year old CPU and 5 year old GPU because he can run Tomb Raider on medium. Like that even equates to anything? lol

Show some respect to the beige box will ya? That beige box is to your XBox One the same thing as what a prototype endurance car is for road cars. :wink:

The beige box died out years ago, anyone still using one is using a shaky system at best. lol
As it happens i have about 20 beige boxes around the house doing various things. Doesn’t mean they’re not outdated. They’re also bad for thermals as they literally keep heat IN! lol
I see the beige box as a Mk2 Escort rally car, While my current PC is a Koenigsegg Regera. :-p