***ATTENTION*** [HzRC] Horizon Rally Championship is looking for members

JOIN NOW Looking for serious Rally/Rallycross fanatics and racers to join our club [HzRC] Horizon Rally Championship. We’ve specialized in the building and tuning of rally cars since Forza Horizon 2 and want to spread the passion for this motorsport in FH4. With enough members, we will be running rallies all throughout the FH4 map(s) on the developer created stages as well as utilizing the new Route Creator to build long, challenging stages for the club and community.


-We plan to run Rally and Rallycross events both with the use of Dev-made courses as well as custom made courses and stages built with the Route Creator as previously stated.

-My co-leader and I will be making club, series, and class decals.

-We tune, race and are beginning homogate to our standards; FIA Group A, B, 4, R2, WRC, WRC2/R5, WRX/ARX, and Group B based Rallycross, cars.

-Recently we’ve been testing out the FIA R-GT or Rally Gran Tourer rules to fit GT cars in FH4 and it has been going splendidly. We’ve found that the eligible cars built to this spec that end up in (A)780+/- can easily keep up with and perform against PI levels as high as (S1)830+/-.

This actually sounds like a nice idea! is there a discord server or teamspeak?