Hi guys I came across some posts about the G920 not being recognised and having to do a long winded processes of going in to Free Play, turning both wheel and controller off yudda yudda yudda… This is a proper ball ache especially as the wheel doesn’t like turning back on without disconnecting the USB and back in. Well I have found a simple and quicker way… Simply when loaded up in to the main menu just switch the controller off, push A on wheel, select Profile, turn controller back on… Hay Presto!!

That only happens if you sign into your xbox live account on the controller before plugging in your wheel and starting up FM7, you need to have your profile assigned to any controllers that you are using. Hence why unplugging the gamepad allows you to assign your profile to the wheel. The same thing happened in FM6 and FM5 as well.

On a side note on the xbox one version of the game, if you plug your controller back in again; then you can use the right thumb stick on the control pad to look around as you drive. Though I do wish T10 would map the ‘LSB’ and ‘RSB’ buttons in the xbox one version of the game for ‘look left’ and ‘look right’. They have this default mapping on the PC version, so they really should have the same default mapping on the xbox one version as well.

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is this pc based? im struggling to get forza to pick up my wheel. all works other than the force feedback. trying to drive with dead centre spring only is not working for me :frowning:

Found the solution, simply turned off all controllers except for the wheel. The XBox will then default that as the primary and all will be well.