At this rate most Ultimate Edition users won't be able to enjoy Early Access

And that quite frankly is a huge disaster given there was a whole year to learn from the debacle that was the Forza Horizon 3 launch

I’m assuming that every Ultimate Edition user is to be provided with a partial refund given our inability to make use of one of the promoted features (the Early Access) of our purchasd product?

I mean it says ‘Early game access september 29’. For most of us that is just not gonna happen, if you’re from New Zealand that is less than a day of time left to pre-load (rolling release of early access).

That is for everyone who isn’t going to refund their whole purchase, which is becoming more and more people.

I redownloaded FH3 a week ago because I was getting into the Forza mood because of the imminent release of Forza 7, and it was fine - and that is a whole 50+gb as well.

But now i can’t even download that damn Mail and Calendar app when pressing “Get updates” - and the Forza 7 download aborts randomly every time

how can a downloader for games this big not provide a resume process instead of making you start all over again?

Right now the people who bought Project Cars 2 instead must be laughing and pointing fingers at us for being the poor fools who decided to purchase this game, being glad of their own decision not to purchase Forza 7.

Because everyone feared this whole store malarkey might happen again, even though most of us thought there is no way Microsoft and Turn10 would be careless enough to let this happen twice.

Nope, there is no learning with Microsoft.


well, they have 2 days to solve this.

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Nope, my version unlocks in 26h30 and it takes 7h30 to download 95 GB here, so they have less than one day left (it unlocks even earlier in New Zealand).

I guess I’ll have to start playing on Xbox One, as it’s already preloaded, at least the Store works there.

Hi dude the game is released at 00:01 on the 29 US time not NZ time so you will be able to play at 07:01pm on the 29 I think your 2 hours ahead of us in Queensland AU and our start time to play will be 05:01pm on the 29

My version unlocks in 32h30 and it takes 20h to download 95GB(when the download doesn’t crash). I’m so disappointed. We all payed a lot of money to enjoy the early access release of Forza Motorsport 7.

Dosen´t it “unlock” 29/9 2017 00:00 local time!?

It unlocks at 00:00 on the 29th at the local time of the Store where you bought it.

I bought it on the Hong-Kong Store so it will unlock at 6PM CET tomorrow in France.

I’m disappointed too, we pay more to get it early but we can’t, except if we have an Xbox One.
So players without console should ask for a refund and buy the other version of the game if they still want the preorder bonuses but not the “early access”.

T10 help us!! :frowning:

That’s bad. Ours unlocked for preload yesterday morning (UK). Took me 41 minutes to download. I cannot fathom something taking that long to download. T10 you gotta help these guys and get that preload up. Stupid ISPs shouldn’t be able stop a Forza player.

It’s getting ridiculous. I just want to get an entire refund. I’m writing this game to a 500gb 960 evo and I’ve had to restart the download almost 8 times now at around 10-30gb each time. This drive is too expensive to be needlessly writing to and shortening it’s lifespan.

I’m frustrated with the fact that it seems like they had this problem with FH3 and didn’t remedy it this time around and are failing to make mention of it being a problem now.