At this point might as well admit it - Horizon 5 is a paid beta

We’ll eventually (hopefully) get the game we know that Horizon 5 could be, but that won’t likely be for quite some time. Given the holiday season and the ever increasing amount of bug reports, it is unlikely that we will see a polished version of this game until probably middle of Q1 2022.


I just feel like its FH4 with a Mexican skin on it… and more bugs.


…and less features/modes.


It’s a great game but needs a few things ironing out. Most of my issue’s are online related. I’m playing Riders Republic at the moment too. In some respects the two have similarities, they clearly used FH for inspiration. They had issues to start with as well but a few of them have been sorted out. The difference is that their world feels alive with other players.

I want to see a stable online world which is shared with a decent amount of other players at any one time. Hopefully that will sort Forza Arcade, if not then they need to get rid of it and bring back Forzathon live.

Non-existent traffic. It’s half decent in solo but as soon as you switch to online they completely disappear. Yesterday there were literally none and I only noticed about 5 players on the map.

Foliage pop-in in performance mode can be really distracting at times. It would be nice to see that improved. I’d rather have an even lower lod than pop-in.

Also, the AI is inconsistent. At times I have as much difficulty beating medium Drivatars as I do highly skilled ones. They definitely feel like they are not bound by the same rules as me.


Something I noticed with the pop in is that it doesn’t ALWAYS seem to be the foliage itself (especially trees) popping in, but more that until you get pretty close to them, they seem to have no reaction to any lighting/shadows. They seem to be just evenly light in a flat lighting, and when you get close, the shadows and brighter sports just seem to SNAP in, going from it just blending inconspicuously into the background, to suddenly standing out, and it’s a pretty dramatic change.

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Yeah we have to remember guys, this is their 5th game release and yet it has the most problems! 5th game over what a 10 year span. Their not rookies anymore and this is unacceptable for a Top Tier game!

We expect better!!


What I find both funny and yet not funny at the same time? I was actually expecting much worse!!

Seeing the broken state Horizon 4 became recently set my expectations at about as low as they can go and so am reasonably surprised the game functions as well as it does. Sure there are issues like the online stuff but mostly the bugs etc are minimal, albeit annoying.

Maybe it’s my experience of games which have 10 times the issues that makes me less bothered by it. I used to play Football Manager on PC and that game released with game breaking bugs such as you couldn’t progress beyond a certain year. Their yearly model was the same: release the game in November, release the first Update/bug fix a month later near the end of December/beginning of January, release a second update/bug fix around March and then a third, final update around June; then release a new game in november and repeat. Horizon 5, by comparison to that game, is near-perfect!


My issues aren’t so much the actual bugs with the game, and in solo. Those I can deal with, and when there are 10 million other accolades or challenges to do in the meantime, I don’t mind putting a few things to the side, because it will take forever to finish it all anyways.

My issue is that this game is basically 60/40 online/single player. Even the seasonal stuff and leaderboards you can do in solo is part of the online functionality. So, when an ENTIRE core section of the game, and arguably the biggest part is broken in such a way that you can’t even complete REQUIREMENTS for limited time rewards (let alone even see other people), there’s absolutely no excuse for that.

On top of the annoyances with the online, and not being able to do the stuff available, they’ve actually gone and REMOVED activities that were in the last game. So, we have missing features, and available ones that don’t work.

That’s crazy. The game is amazing. Beta is probably in your head only.

Dude, I sincerely hope you forgot the ‘\sarcasm’ from your post lol


Horizon is the only game I can play for hundreds of hours without any loss of fun. In H5 I have 100+ and it’s still crazy good. No other game is that good. [Mod edit - WSD - Do not make personal insults. Thanks]

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I’d be banned within half an hour if I said that last bit to someone.

Then again when you’re defending + praising the game you can say much worse than that about people and have nothing happen to you on here.


oh wow, every single car is 100% accurate with no downgrades from past forzas or model inaccuracies, the network issues are made up all those people with videos losing skill streaks mid drifting are just crazy people, and I bet you’ve completed every horizon arcade filled with players finishing all 3 rounds, come in 1st place vs unbeatable drivatars in your races everyone else is just a bad driver?

cool you enjoy it but this game has many faults and needs bug and quality of life fixes


You need to learn how to understand when someone is a fanboy… and save your breath with him lol.

If this game is the “best” game that guy played, maybe he was born yesterday (he must be that young), or he is just a pure fanboy.
Not worthy to waste time with these people, sadly. Also i keep saying it, turtlez is a fanboy as big as it gets, people still answering him… amazing.


This might be setting the bar kindof low, but if you compare it to the day 1 state of something like Cyberpunk 2077 or the GTA Trilogy remaster… you know what; it’s a ship-able product. They’ve got some work ahead of them still to be sure, but what they’ve managed to pull off is frankly astounding.

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You know they didn’t write this from scratch but it’s essentially FH3/4 with a new map? If people like it, that’s good, but what’s ‘astounding’?

This particular map btw is rather bland imo, most of it might as well be procedurally generated Flight Simulator terrain.

(That’s another game which when it came to PC was full of bugs btw, it seems to be how Microsoft rolls.)



‘Amazing’ and ‘astounding’ certainly aren’t the first adjectives that pop into my head when I think of Horizon 4.5, that’s for sure.


Every Horizon game has been an iterative build on the previous. That’s nothing new. Once you get a franchise going with a winning formula, that’s how your dev cycle works.

And they’ve recreated some amazing visuals based on real life landmarks in a game environment. Resulting in some amazing visuals. Which is kindof what the series is known for.

I’m not saying it’s perfect. It’s got bugs to be sure. But they’ve accomplished much of what they’ve set out to do. Especially when you compare it to some other big titles recently that are frankly unplayable, and the studios behind them should be embarrassed.

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IMO it’s not enough.

I mean, it’s enough for the millions of casuals who play it. But for automotive enthusiasts, Forza has been lacking for a while, because there’s not as much attention to cars, their upgrades, their details. There’s many cars, yes… and that’s it. Can’t put a Coyote in a classic Mustang, can’t put a 2JZ-GTE in a Lexus SC300/Toyota Soarer, PI is changed but cars aren’t rebalanced to take advantage of it, wrong models dating back to FM2, improved sounds yes but not very good audio design direction for cars, new cars don’t get improvements added to old ones…

Forza fails at building the car I want, how I want. If I want to sight see, there’s always Flight Simulator, which is of a higher quality than Forza and IMO the standard Forza should have aimed for. In Forza I can make my character gender neutral but I can’t make my Silvia S13 into a Sileighty. People who are into cars aren’t really the priority anymore.


500 Forzavista cars is what? Any other game has it? You can just walk around cars all day long… for weeks.