At the end of series we can finally say: "horizon world cup" is the worst event ever in Horizon

As per title of topic in my opinion the “horizon world cup” is the worst event ever in forza horizon story.

  1. completely unbalanced between the involved nations,
  2. very boring
  3. to do this horrible event, they have cancelled a lot of things from series playlist.
    What do you think?

I agree. Limited cars to use, you either find the best ones or struggle to compete. 0/10 would not bang.


Great idea but poorly implemented.

It’s as though whoever puts together the playlist doesn’t play the game.


I never fully grasped about what the World Cup was about other than a broad sketch of brands linked to countries and you go racing with that.

With so many players you don’t have a huge direct stake in the result as your contribution is negligible.

Well, your first mistake is to consider it an “event”. Never reallly understood the purpose of it, always ignored it, and i always going to ignore any kind of “event” the devs throws at the game.

I learned my lesson ages ago lol. Sad most people still didnt.

The whole month was mediocre, at best.

The ‘World Cup’ theme was a pathetic attempt to latch onto this years real football World Cup in Qatar, and they did such a poor job with almost every aspect. We already know its gonna be Japan or France and its early a junk Nismo…or another Buggatti…like the Bolide…yippie yeow
The car choices…terrible

No choice to pick what you really want…terrible

Having to complete boring challenges…terrible

Being paired with useless bums for teammates…terrible

Knowing it was rigged for Japan since day 1 anyhow…priceless

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Here are my thoughts on it:

  1. It’s annoying if you don’t KNOW what country the manufacturers are based out of. Maybe I’m the minority here, but outside of the obvious American ones and things like Ferrari and the VW group, there’s so many that I have no clue where they are.
  2. But perhaps more importantly, who cares who wins? This to me is like a competition that’s put in place because they had absolutely nothing else to fill the gap with, but why would anyone care what country wins REALLY? Again, maybe I’m the minority there, but I couldn’t give a ish to even bother thinking about it the entire month. If they wanted it to matter they should have AT THE VERY LEAST picked
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Sort by country lol. It’s reeeal easy.

Most games with community events like this the winning group would’ve gotten something extra. PG should look at the way FDev runs it’s community events for Elite Dangerous and take notes.

Yet another terrible attempt by PG to make a tie in with something that has absolutely nothing to do with cars.


Wasted potential in my opinion, restricting events to 1 car per country and no worthwhile end prize for us all to compete for soured the whole thing and made it feel pointless.

We’ll see what the deal is with the stunt park next series but before I actually see it unfortunately I can only think of 1 word…



It was fixed from the start so we’d be given some naff & uninspiring Japanese go-kart at the end of the month.

I have no time to converse with you, I must be first to register my disgust on the internet regarding the new festival playlist.

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A world Cup that only had UK, France Germany Italy Japan and USA in it, so not really the world. Lol

It seemed altogether pointless from the beginning. And I don’t have any particular affinity for any specific manufacturer, so no real skin in the game. It was just, like… a low stakes… thing… they tried to do for no particular reason.

The idea was interesting, but the actual event was awful.

“Blueprint’s custom car theme only allows for a maximum of 50 models.”
“Rental cars can only be used factory stock.”

If it weren’t for these two game system restrictions, these events would have the potential to be even better.
But since that was not possible, this event was terrible.

Also, the idea of moving up in class every week from C to S1 seemed interesting, but this was also one of the things that ruined the event, along with the aforementioned limitations.
Italy, France, and Japan. These were the three countries that were particularly affected by this rule.
Italy was unable to use proper cars in the lower class events.
France is a country that has always been treated poorly in Forza and does not have enough cars. As a result, they were forced to use the same cars for most of the events.
Japan. Although they had an adequate lineup of road cars, this country also has a cold shoulder when it comes to off-road cars. As a result, we had to use the FWD Civic twice in cross country races.

But those are still the good ones. For lovers of models from other countries like Korea, Sweden, Australia, etc, the past month has probably been a frustrating one.

If they are going to hold such an event again in the future, I hope they will make some systemic improvements such as loosening the restrictions on the Blueprint custom car list in the update, and then make the countries that were not eligible to participate this time eligible to participate.

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I think that if no one had pointed out the extraneous international contest, it would have seemed like any other month of seasonal events to me.

I just finish the seasonal events and move on. World Cup isn’t a thing to me. 100% pointless.

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I didn’t get any World Cup Vibes. It was just all about what car company gets chosen the most.

The restricted car selection wasn’t the best idea (country as restriction would’ve been enough).
On top of that it wasn’t a competition anyways - Japan was the clear winner before it even started.
Besides that I mostly like RL tie-ins and this alongside the Olympics was a good idea imho. The implementation as lackluster as I’m sadly coming to expect from PG.
They really need a responsible person with car & racing genes back in their team.

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I can sort of understand not having just country as a restriction, I’m not ashamed to admit with driving Japan only this series I’d have just spammed the '74 and '97 Civics in the 1st 2 weeks.