Asymmetrical wheels

On one side they go one way.

On the other side, they go the other way.

And I’m over here sayin’, “whaddoyou want from me?”

(Goodfellas reference)

Seriously, though, if wheels are asymmetrical, can’t they at least go the same way on each side of the car?

I mean, they do it with the tires [tyres], innit?

It happens in real-life - sometimes OEM asymmetrical wheels will have a “left” and a “right” pair, but aftermarket rims are generally the same for all 4 so one side will point in a different direction to the other

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I would insist on 2 pairs. This is the way.

Are you sure you haven’t mucked around with the toe in and out? Or the person’s setup you downloaded?

This has to do with the appearance of the wheels and not any tuning thing. Next time you see a set of wheels that has spokes that don’t go straight out but have a kind of curve to them, compare one side of the car to the other. Like a hurricane or cyclone pattern. Anything not symmetrical. Asymmetrical wheels. They go the right way on one side and the wrong way on the other. They should go the same way on either side. But, alas, they do not.

Okay, misunderstanding on my part, I thought you were referring to the wheel as the rim and tyre combination not facing the same angle when you turned the wheel some amount. Didn’t realise you were talking about the designs of the rims ingame.

Yeah, would be nice if they were directional in game. IRL I had my first set of directional wheels in the 80s.

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Word of the day: directional

Edit: They said they would also accept unidirectional

I never even realised this. My OCD is going to be very unhappy tonight.