Aston V8 Vanage Unicorn Car

So I have been running my Aston in A Class with a tune I purchased, until I decided to remove the tune and turn the car into a Daytona power monster…

As I was building the car I noticed that, when applying the twin turbo conversion, I had no opportunity to upgrade it. Essentially, the car is now worthless to me as I can’t tune it myself for high speed tracks without this upgrade option (down about 80hp from other tunes)

Anything I can do?

cant you just reset to default then retune it

I’ll check for you. I believe it’s has something to do with the part being purchased already that’s causing the problem.

Here’s a detailed video of the situation. As you can see, when I apply the engine swap, the turbo upgrade option in the engine is not present, even though I have purchased the twin turbo. I know there should be an option for it as I’ve seen similar tunes with 90 more horsepower, presumably from running a race turbo.

The only solution I have is to sell the car and get a new one. The problem is, being a unicorn car, I can’t just buy a new one. Looks like I’m stuck using it as a handling car which is no fun :frowning:

Did you try loading up someone else’s tune without the turbo upgrade and then removing it

Did you try the reset default upgrades found in setup manager

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Tried both and given up. Thanks for trying though! There’s other cars out there so I guess I can live without using this one for right now. :slight_smile:

Had you swapped out the engine ?