Aston Martin Vantage GT3 might be coming December 24th

Hello there,

since we got the 2017 Porsche RSR last tuesday for free I was thinking that we may get some other GT3 cars in the next months. Today ForzaMotorsport retweeted this:

I was curious about how we would get a livery for a car that is not in the game yet, so I decided to dig a little deeper and got this response from the Twitter account of the race team racing the Aston:

However I still was not sure if we would get the car or an the livery on the Aston Martin GT12 since they are also working on that and I asked again and got a response from the VRA Twitter account:

Asked again but still got no answer, will keep this updated. But anyways: What do you think about this?



Finally a thread I can enjoy and be happy about here. I’m a huge Aston Martin fan. Thanx for sharing Andi!

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What ? A Porsche 2017 RSR for free ?

Where please ?

I’m not aware of that, don’t tell me i missed something ? =(

Last tuesday Turn10 released an update with the car pack where the 2017 Porsche RSR (IMSA Car) was aviable for some players via level up (me as well). However, they did not say anything about that.–92-Porsche-GT-Team-911-RSR-added-December-5.aspx

Good sleuthing! A Sunday would be an odd day for DLC though, I wonder if they just mean that a design is in the works to be shared in the Livery Editor for others to download. CJ Wilson has made similar announcements in the past about his Porsche team liveries.

But if there were a content update addition like the #92 Porsche this week to add the car model to the game, that would be very cool.

It would be great to have a new GT version of an Aston Martin car in the game.

So is it the GT12 with a fancy livery or a new Aston GT3? If it’s the former: LAMEEEEE.

Huh, so it’s just the race livery on the GT12, then?

Sooo it’s the GT12 with a racing livery. How quaint.

I’m still waiting on my racing purpose caddies

I’d rather they gave me socks for Christmas.


Me = Coffee cup and a 1300 buck fine so I could only dream of getting a pair of socks from T10 for Christmas.

Sounds like it will be this one, which is great news.

I hope they also add the Audi R8 LMS, AMG GTR, MCLAREN 650S and the BMW M6 at some point.

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Am I missing something? They clearly said in the first post that say we are getting their racing livery on the road going Aston that is already in the game. It clearly says that. And we’ve been given cars with different liveries many times. I’m alllllll for getting new gt race cars. Any and all and especially Astons but the response says it will be their livery on the road going Aston that is already in the game. Right?



Would love to see an updated Aston GT car, and how about just get rid of the 2006 one while they’re at it. I’m tired of it.

Gonna stay skeptical on this one, though. Highly doubt we’ll see it downloadable from the store, so unless they slip it into level-up rewards like with the RSR I don’t think it’ll happen. But hey, we did get the Ford GTLM as a one-off download in Forza 6, so it’s not completely unfeasible.


Can we get rid of you? I’m tired of you.

Why do we need to remove cars just because you dislike it? Just because of that, everyone else should lose out? Sounds incredibly selfish to me.


Buddy, if I recall correctly, you don’t even drive GT cars. It wasn’t a serious comment anyway, but if you’d been playing the GT hoppers since Forza 5 you’d understand why most of us are sick of that car.

Why are you always so on-edge?