Aston Martin GTE 2016/17 paint code?

Would anyone be able to offer some help with this, I’m trying to figure out what the best paint code would be to replicate (to an extent) the 2016/17 Aston Martin Vantage GTE racer onto the 2006 DBR9 GT1 car.

I can’t quite get the balance right between grey/green

This is what I am trying to replicate. The colour varies so much depending on lighting, angle, weather

2017 AMR GTE Pro #95

2017 AMR GTE Pro-Am

And this is where I’m at right now, racing in the FMIC GT Series

2006 AMR DBR9 GT

AMR DBR9 pairing

Or more of a green colouring to it

AMR DBR9 pairing in green

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here you go, I put the image in Photoshop and came up with HSB value of H 132, S 13, B 31
You can do the conversion using the link below:
Color Picker Tutorial

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Bob, I read through that thread last night and had a play around with the colour settings. I found going from paint booth to the track gave a massive difference in brightness, so I made the car much lighter than it ought to look once on the home space to how I wanted it to look then it went darker once out on the track.

The colour guide by CHRIS HILL proved to work quite well, although not 100% accurate it gave a good direction in which colours to use.

Here’s what I opted for in the end, still perhaps a shade too dark but I can adjust that with the saturation/brightness ratios

Two tone semi gloss

X base colour
H 0.33
A 0.11
B 0.65

Y highlight
H 0.43
S 0.16
B 0.66

AMR Vantage GTLM Pro-Am
AMR Vantage GTLM