Assists suddenly turned on in online race?

I was racing online a minute ago, and suddenly my car started acting funny, and then at the end of the race when my drivatar kept going, I saw “ABS” and “TCS” flashing on the screen as the car limped its way around corners. Now, in every race I see ABS and TCS flashing at the end. The only place I know to turn these on and off is in the options for a single-player race against the AI. Is there some other place to turn it off? Is anyone else seeing this, where the assists are turned on without you knowing it until your car acts weird?

Seemed like my car was acting strange for the first couple of races but my assists were off. I was probably just having an off day

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Yeah … I think the only place your assist settings gets saved is when you set them prior to racing in a career mode event; or, at least, this is the place where, with certainty, you can check to see where they are and make adjustments that will be reflected across the game.

You can check your assists while in the lobbie, just select your name in the list and pres A.



The post race AI always uses all of the assists; I run none, and they still kick on when the drivatar takes control. This isn’t saying it DIDN’T kick yours back on; but it’s nothing to really worry about if you’re seeing the graphics post-race.


The assists turn on for the drivertar after the race

The assists turn on and they still drive like idiots and will take out any stragglers left on the track still racing and trying to finish. Generally not a problem unless you’ve been lapped in an endurance race but it seems they should ghost after the AI takes over.