Assetto Corsa VS. Forza 6. Multiplayer

I give up on this wreck fest… I was thinking that since Assetto Corsa is geared more to the SIM racer and not the 12 yr. old kid who wants to smash or pit maneuver you because you pass them, it might be less childish behavior like this simply because it’s more of a SIM racer. Can anyone verify? Or is it the same wreck fest.

I know AC is less refined as far as the little things but how does the multiplayer work? Is it hopper junk too like this Forza? Thanks for the info.

Note to turn10…since i had to go back to ghost racing in the c class in order to keep from smashing my tv, but why do you limit those tracks to only short track sprint race types? People drive better in the ghost racing than regular wreck racing. Let us run Nurburghring or Rio full track. Would it hurt? No…

I think you’ll find it’s much the same. This is a problem with players, not the games.

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Yeah…it is a societal problem…screw someone else to try to get ahead. Gotta love mankind. But we need rules or laws to govern these drivers out there…to make a game with everything but those is just retarded.

I’ve learned my lesson on plunking down good money on useless racing games that promises the best of the best sim racing experience out there. The reality is that Forza rules hands down, because of the emphasis they place on tires and grip, because ultimately, that’s what racing is all about, yes? The only sim racing games worth playing currently are the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon editions and F1 2016 by Codemasters - that’s it! All other games pale in comparison to this line up.