ASRO NTT Indycar Series: Looking for members

In 2020, I’ll be starting a brand new INDYCAR™️ League on Forza Motorsports 7. The ASRO NTT Indycar Series™️ will run Saturday’s at 8:00 P.M. EST. First Race will be January 18th at Sebring International Raceway on the Full Circuit. The Schedule will go as followed:

1/18: Sebring Full(Fuel & Tires)(30 Laps)
2/8: Circuit of the Americas(Fuel and Tires)(35 Laps)
2/15: Road Atlanta(Fuel and Tires)(45 Laps)
2/22: Long Beach(Fuel and Tires)(50 Laps)
2/29: IndyGP(Fuel and Tires)(40 Laps)
3/14: Indy 500(Fuel and Tires)(120 Laps)
3/28: Prague Full Reverse(Fuel and Tires)(25 Laps)
3/28: Prague Full Reverse(Fuel and Tires)(25 Laps)
4/4: Homestead-Miami Speedway(Fuel and Tires)(150 Laps)
4/18: Road America(Fuel and Tires)(35 Laps)
4/25: Top Gear West Reverse(Cosmetic)(100 Laps)
5/2: Watkins Glen Full Alt.(Fuel and Tires)(30 Laps)
5/30: Maple Valley Raceway(Cosmetic)(35 Laps)
6/6: Lime Rock Park South Chicane(Fuel and Tires)(80 Laps)
7/11: Rio Coast Loop(Fuel and Tires)(75 Laps)
7/18: Virginia International Raceway(Fuel and Tires)(35 Laps)
7/25: Daytona International Speedway(Fuel and Tires)(80 Laps)
8/1: Homestead-Miami Speedway(Fuel and Tires)(100 Laps)
8/8: Sonoma Raceway GP Circuit(Fuel and Tires)(40 Laps)
8/15: Laguna Seca(Fuel and Tires)(40 Laps)

We use Open Setups on Road/Street Courses & Short Ovals, and Fixed/Spec Tunes On Superspeedways. We also use only Replica and High Quality Liveries as well to better present the league. Make sure to Join the “ASRO Motorsports Group” Facebook Group, and make sure to add me on XBOX as well, my Gamertag is “ASRO Predator” if you’re interested. Thank you.

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