As I was racing ....

As I was racing around the track in a terrible storm with torrents of rain and dangerous lightning … It weighed heavily on me that all my virtual race fans were in great danger … setting there … thousands of them on metal bleachers in dangerous lightning braving it out just to see the race !!! I felt so bad for the virtual fans I had to quit after a short run, just a standard length race so they would all call it a day and head to a safer environment lol

Got to have a little humor mixed in :slight_smile:


Careful, those fans will be on here demanding a refund for the shortened race! :wink:


I tried to take a pic of some lightning in the background while racing, thought it would be a cool pic. To my dismay as a scrolled the camera view around to try and find the lightning that was illuminating the sky but all I could find was the sky had white flashes everywhere but not a single lightning bolt…

There’s also usually quite a few waving flags around too, just asking to be struck. Definitely a good call to make them go home.

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I guess the virtual Forza fans are almost as crazy as the drivatars.