Are you meant to be able to keep getting Super Spins at the Forzathon Shop?

I’ll apologize if this is there as a “Please don’t talk about this bug or else they will fix it! Delete this -.-” But I’m curious regardless.

For the past weeks I’ve been able to continue to purchase Super Spins for 300 Forzathon Points that I get participating in the Drift Arcade Events.

The thing that catches my attention is that after purchasing 1, the message switches to “Owner” as if I was only meant to be able to get 1 per week. But after pressing A it quickly says “You already own this item” and after pressing A I am able to dismiss that message and THEN I’m able to get more Super Spins for the same 300 Forzathon Points it costs.

Which leaves me in doubt wether I’m supposed to be able to keep buying a ton of Super Spins or if what I’m doing may be considered an “exploit”. lol.

Supposed to be that way. Buy as many as you can. Same as FH4.

The shop is bugged due to Secret Santa. Maybe because of that. Anyway 300 FP for a Super is not the best way to farm them. Better buy a bunch of Pontiacs Trans Am GTA and use the car Mastery.

We’ll take a look at how this is worded in the menu. For now you don’t need to worry about doing something wrong. Just a thought: Super Wheelspins are available from some Car Mastery trees with Skill Points, while you may want to save Forzathon Points for exclusive car and car horn offers from future Forzathon Shops.


Of course, if people are getting a lot of super wheelspins from a particular car they’ll probably remove the perk.

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first off, if you see where i used forzathon points to buy a horn or clothing you will know my account has been hacked! because that crap ain’t going to happen!!

forzathon wheel spins and super wheel spins, unless there is some special fire sale going on you can buy them over and over until your points gone. when they discount them then they’ll limit the number of purchases!

You shouldnt be buying superspins with forzathon points. You dont need to and they are expensive as h3ck for reasons i dont understand.
Unless of course you have thousands of forzathon points sitting in your game… superspins are rather easy to get if you just play the game.