Are you a player that has to win every championship?

As title really, when you play do you keep restarting until you come first, or do you just let the championship play out?

I personally just let the races and championships play out I’ve won most but not all, some of the cross country races I’ve really struggled with even coming in 7th and the there abouts and a couple of the championships I’ve come 3rd, but I play on pro with only abs and I’m having fun.

What about you guy’s?

I keep replaying till i finish first… to the point where i’m swearing in frustration.

It’s not healthy.


I just let the championship play out , I only play on average so its pretty easy to win anyway :))

I’m not very good at the cross country races but I still like to just let the championship play out.

cross country races are hard, but fun

Glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t win them all then lol, a friend of mine will reset after reset until he comes first and he gets so mad it makes me laugh.

I. Must. Beat. The. Drivatars. Period. I have them set to Highly Skilled, so it’s not to hard for me, except on the cross-country events. Those are hard, but it is fun. Until I’m on the 45th restart.

If I don’t come in first place on every single race, I consider it a failure and a re-do. As of now, 97 Championship Events Raced, 97 Championship Event Podiums, 97 Championship Events Won, 24 Championships Completed, 24 Championships won. :slight_smile:

I normally let it play out. I have no assists on so sometimes I do restart the race if I place below 8th haha. But I usually do pretty good online, driving with no assists can give you an edge if you get good at it

Racing against Pro drivatars I have a challenge but the majority of races I come first, if not certainly in the top three. No big deal if that happens though - I always make up the points gap in the remaining three races to win the championship. :slight_smile:

To be fair though I should probably add that I do shamelessly rewind whenever necessary. Restarting a whole race though? Nah.

I’ve done both, depends on my mood really.

I don’t win every race, but I’ve won every championship. I play at “Pro.”

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As someone else said. I. Must. Win. Them. All. But I have been playing on Highly Skilled and Pro so it’s not all too difficult to do so. Some of the cross country races where I’m in a lower class - think stock motor, Fiat 595 - I had to repeat once or twice, otherwise it’s not too bad.

I think I will start playing mainly on Pro or Unbeatable though because it’s a more accurate representation of typical online gameplay difficulty.

I reset 'till I learn the route and win. Why not?? The skills of the my friends driveatars (drive-atars, driv-eaters??) vary wildly for me even though I don’t change difficulty. In the rain they lay down and go to sleep, on roads–dirt and off dirt–I can always win. Over fields and in the trees the AI of my friends are almost unbeatable.

I find pro is about the most balanced, unbeatable I find give the AI/ Drivatars unrealistic grip and performance, highly skilled is probably the most fun.

But I never use rewind in any game if I crash so be it and where I finish I except, unless I have to finish first inorder to progress but this game doesn’t seem to be geared that way.

I love championship league tables having to chase point’s, if you keep restarting inorder to be first it kills the tables and hunting for points, this is what I miss in forza motorsport, this game seems more motorsport orientated/detailed than FM yet it’s open world arcade.