Are you a Forza 5 noob? If so - I might have something for you.

Who is a NOOB to Forza 5, waiting 19 months after launch to finally get the game? Post here - I might have a surprise for you.

I am. I played some FM3 before my XB360 died but just started at the beginning of the year on FM5.

I guess I could be called a Noob as I have only had my copy and Xbox One a month now.

Same here. I bought my XB1 in February. Where is my surprise??

Not had the game like long only up to driver level 8•

Guess can be called a noob on FM5 as I only started around beginning of the year (still a lot on FM4) but now on level 120 on FM5 I think. Much longer on the Forza empire though.

Forza noob here too but not to driving games. Finally broke my PS3/G27 with my full collection of GT games up to 6 and GT5 had 1200 cars in my garage.
Decided to try XB since I hate That “other” company so much for root kits etc… And been on Forza5 with a Thrustmaster TX since last Saturday. Have to say I’m liking it so far but I miss some of the GT features but probably I just haven’t found their counterparts yet in Forza.

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I’m in the same boat mate. I’ve had a Ps4 for the last year but lack of decent racers and the fact all of my friends play on Xbox has seen me trade in the ps4 and pick the X1 and Forza 5.

Feel the same way about it too. Really enjoying it but at the same time I feel a bit out of water when looking around the tuning menus/race menus trying to work out where everything is!!


Check your inboxes. I just sent all of you a promo code for the “Day One” McLaren MP4-12C for Forza 5.



Thank’s Texan

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Thanks for the McLaren Star Trek Texan :slight_smile:

I’n no noob, though sometimes I drive like one XD

Just want to say I’m impressed with your philanthropy, giving new racers a hand up. I used to do this sort of thing in FM4, when gifting was easier.

Well done, Tex!

I would love 1 of those. I gave mine to a friend who could not afford the Limited edition when I got mine. It was like a christmas present from me to him.

Thanks STT, much appreciated and looking good.

I guess I am a noob. Started about a week back.

Total noob here! :smiley: I finally saved up enough money to buy an Xbox One and Forza 5 and I’ve been playing it since yesterday (as of 01 May 2015). Exellent game btw, I love it more and more each minute.

Total rookie myself…!! Giving it a good shot tho !!

<<<<---------Top racing noob goes to this guy. If I would have got the game a couple of weeks ago I could have saved a few bucks seeing as how I just bought one of these online :).

I finally made it! Bought my Xbox One last week and bought Forza 5 immediately. Holly crap is this game awesome. It changed my life. Lol. I was a regular on this forum when Forza 4 was live but waited a long time to upgrade to the One. I knew Forza 5 was better but I had no idea how good this game was going to be. It is amazing. I can’t say enough about how shocked I am with the quality of this game. Now I need to get a wheel.