Are wheel controllers jacked

I finally got every thing to work on my G-27, but steering is horrid , way to sensitive even messing with ingame settings , its like the settings do not work at all, I am playing pc.

Grand tourismo was far superior on PS -4 when it came to the Wheel controller.

This first time buying a forza, . Mainly I race oval on Iracing which I know is in a league of its own.

Sounds like I might have wait until the rest of the players get on Tuesday when the official launch, there are no you tube videos on how set up the G-27 for this game.

Im trying not formulate an opinion yet , I have waited a long time for this and want give it a chance.

Does anyone play this with Fanatec controller ? I have clubsport v3 pedals that I have combined with G-27 on Iracing but I don’t think that combination works on forza due plugged in separately, I connected the original g-27 pedals for this to work.

Any help from pc guys would be very appreciated