Are we going to see an increase in laps for the hoppers?

As if it isn’t bad enough with how contact affects you, there are so few laps you stand no chance. If anything they should of been increased from Forza 5 with the increase of players in the lobbies.


Yeah right. The finish first finish fast mentality continues,

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Highly doubt it. I think t10 and even most custom lobbies have and will prove that people do not want long races except for the rare organized racing groups. people only want 4-5 lap races so they can go do a quick race then do something else. People dont have the patience. Also on the other end of the spectrum, some people are still dnf’ing in the 4 lap races, double the race and theres going to be even more dnf’s and upset people.


The end race timer should correspond to the race length. 45 seconds is not even close to long enough after 2 laps of Nurburgring full.

This wasn’t a problem when there were custom public lobbies. Hosts were usually smart enough to up the end timer for longer races. T10, not so much.

You say that as if there has ever been an online hopper race that featured a 2 lap race on the ring lol.

There is no reason they can’t up the laps to 4 or 5 on a sizeable track, if it weeds out the casuals there to play bumper cars then so be it. It would give the people a chance to catch up and finish well that inevitably get taken out on the first corner that actually know how to race. As long as the end race timer is increased a bit I see no reason why they couldn’t up the lap count.

Went in B class today though and it is like 2 laps of Nur GP RA etc i would love 4-5 laps races but these 2 lappers aren’t even races.


Would like an extra lap or two as well. Spend more time in loading screens and intermission than racing. Definitely up the lap count for league playlist… Think most people interested in league feature want a 8-10 minute race…

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StI’ll hardly a race in my oppinion and that’s now what t10 caters too. Would love to see 20-30 minute races. Makes it actually worth the wait in the lobby. Tyres are hardly warm in 8 minutes. (4 laps on many tracks)

Yeh would like 3 laps 4 laps would be even better round spa and say like 6 laps at long beach like it was on FM5 at the moment with the quality of some of the drivers unless you start in 1st or very close to you just end up spending 2 laps getting smashed around the track.

I raced online for the first time today, went for the B class hopper. I was disappointed when Spa came up and it was only a two lap race. I expected it to be at least three considering we ran three laps there in Forza 5.

I remember when Forza 5 first came out a thread like this popped up and T10 did increase the laps on some tracks so hopefully they’ll hear us this time as well.

Lap count definitley could use an increase. Most tracks I feel should be at the very least 5 laps long.

with a lot more racers in the field, there is a need for more than just 2 laps. Please turn 10 increase the number of laps online.


Sorry kinda meant “at least 8-10 minutes”.

I ran a league in FM5 with friends of all speeds. I had laps set at about 15-18 minutes. With very few exceptions, the positions at 10mins were the same as finishing positions.

Anyway… That’s where the 8-10 suggestion comes from. Takes at least that long for field to sort itself out.


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There should be the option to choose the number of laps in online races. In fact there’s no reason not to allow this. If the number of laps are shown in the lobby, people will be able to see whether the race suits them and leave the lobby if need be.

I don’t have an issue with the shorter races in the single player mode as it means you can plow through that quicker if you want to, but for those who want competitive multi-player, 2 laps is not enough especially with a potential field of 24 cars.

Yea you are probably right. But it just feels better even in the same position and the race seems like it was worth doing at 30+ minutes.

Also another reason i think the 2 lap hoppers are crap is, the first lap is an absolute battle just to get around the first corner so forget about that lap. then the rest of the time everyone is just trying to smash their way through because the race is so short. if you went to 10+ laps people wouldnt be as worried about the first corner and may not try to smash their way to the front like they likely learned from racing drivatars.

There definitely needs to be an increase in the laps for online racing. Its really hard to do well with 24 racers on the field and the carnage that takes place in the first lap. Especially when there is only 2 laps. I would say we need a minimum of 3 if not 4. I would prefer 4.

I’m on the fence as to whether increasing laps in the hoppers would work for “everyone” but I am 100% for increasing lap count for league races!


2 laps on Nurburgring GP and Spa in B class lobby isn’t enough. Would be nice to have at least three laps at each of those tracks like it was in Forza 5.

Yes please…at least 8 minutes in hoppers and preferably 10+ mins in leagues…it’s not like we are asking for 30+ min hoppers here just enough to make things interesting if you happen to start near the back