Are we able to import FH4 (MS Store version) vinyls/liveries into FH5 (Steam) yet?

I’ve been trying with no luck so far. I know this was a problem when the game came out but I was hoping they had fixed it by now.

I go into FH4 and shared the vinyl groups and liveries I want, but nothing shows up in FH5. I tried signing out and back in to my account in FH5, and manually resetting FH4 (though I don’t have an option to do that in 5 for some reason) Nothing seems to work. Any advice?

This is due to a difference in systems, not a bug.

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That’s a bummer but not entirely surprising…

Guess I should start remaking my old liveries

I wonder if there’s a workaround. Say you got the game on the Microsoft store, such as via game pass. You start a new save and import your FH4 liveries / vinyls. You then share them publicly in FH5. Then you start up the Steam version. In both versions you’ve used the same gamertag. In the Steam version you download the liveries and then… would the Steam version let you edit them? Seems quite likely it would.

While it might sound a lot of work to do the above, it could be dramatically less work than recreating all your previous liveries / vinyls from scratch.

I can’t promise this would work and it’s at your own risk obviously.

Thankfully there’s just one specific livery I want to recreate… I don’t think that’s enough to justify buying the game a second time! Though I’m also curious if that’d work

I mean game pass is often £1/$1 for a month which would give you long enough to try it out. But yeah, if it’s just one then that might not be so bad to just recreate the hard way!

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