Are VW's Useless?

Im starting to get the feeling that T10 have a grudge against VW (minus the Beetle).

I cannot build a VW to be a competitive B class lobby car for the life of me. Am I right or am I doing something wrong?
I cant even put in a rally motor, with no engine upgrade, and more than 5.0 handling without going over into A class.

Again, this does not pertain to the Beetle.

R32 is good. The Golf R is good. The Scirroco R is okay. Doesn’t seem T10 has a problem with VW.

Um… you wanna prove it?

Sure: Plenty of top 250’s Same. I have a no aero run that runs 1:18’s at Sebring Short.

Like I said those non T10 affiliates are extremely helpful. You need to lose the attitude. You are constantly talking out of the wrong end.

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I built and tuned the following B class VW R32 as fast as I could press the buttons and move the sliders. No calculators, No formulas, No math, No testing.
I took it to YAS Marina Full and promptly got a PB on the 3rd lap.
YAS Marina Full 2:24.812 #84


Rally swap
All race chassis, EXCEPT sport weight reduction
Street trans., sport driveline, race diff.
Race comp 225F/255R
Forza aero F/R



I bet one of the really fast guys around here could place it in the top 25, so I’d say it’s very competitive.

Dust has a Scirocco he did in about 10 minutes that ran two top 50’s

The R32 has plenty of times.

Enough proof?

Are you kidding? the VW’s are doing better than most manufactures on the competitive front, I’ve seen the R32 stomping a C class few tracks, I’ve also been racing online in a C class lobby and a guy run 2 minutes 4 seconds flat around Prague full in a Scirocco R, no idea how though.

Nothing wrong with dubs in FM5 at all and easily capable of top times. Dusts Scirocco is mental…that car, whilst never going to get top 10’s, should not do what it does. On Bathurst it’s a joy to blast past V8 monsters like they have left the handbrake on lol

As for not getting that god awful rally engine in the Golf in B class…you can get it in C! Let along B class

Ok I’ll get back to tuning then. It didnt look like they were worth a dang when I tried upgrading em.

An apology would seem appropriate here…

Stop tuning, drive. Go race spec challenge rivals Matt. Your putting the cart before the horse by trying to find the perfect build/tune before the driving ability is ready.

Have to agree here

Dude doesn’t deserve an apology because he was being a condescending jerk.
“The R32s good” cool answer bro, that helps a lot.

This has nothing to do with me being a better driver Eagle, I just wanted to build a VW. Are you ok with that or do you need to tell me I need practice every time I post?

It goes both ways. When your question was answered you responded with “wanna prove it”.

To be honest, nobody here has to prove anything to anyone, nor does anyone need to help you with anything and continuing with such an attitude is going to result in nobody doing a damn thing for you.

You want proof? Go look at Bathurst in C. You wont have to look far.

You want further proof? I have a replay on my sharefront. I barrel roll atleast 5 times, end up in 6th, and still win the damn race in the scirocco.

And it absolutely has everything to do with your driving. If your driving isnt as well as it could be, how do you know the car(s) are indeed uncompetitive?

He was being rude because of an earlier conversation we had in another topic.

I meant B class not C or D.


Ive had a few top ten times in the R32 4WD Rally engine on a few tracks in C n B and the Scirocco R Fwd Rally engine swap will do top 25 Bathurst and Spa n prob other tracks…
Give em a quick tune n drive n u will be laughin that R32 is the fastest rallyengine car in a straightline by miles even against stage 2 rally engine celica it pulls away, its crazy we tested it against all the rally cars and even cars from the class above its mental fast …

hate the 1.6.

This. No matter what car it is in, I cannot stand it. I just can’t literally grasp the whole shifting at 5500 thing, and hate the way the cars sound. But, there’s no denying it is a fast setup, so whatever. And for the beetle, I haven’t even bought that car, I mean c’mon it’s a beetle.

So Dust, how about that Scirroco?

Beast replay huh. :wink: