Are these rims avaible?

I would just like to know how I can get these rims because I can’t seem to find them when looking through the regular rims.

You have to have for a Motorsport 6, what ever car you want to have them on in H3 you’ll need to buy in forza 6 and install the wheels. Then save the setup, once it saved go back to Horizon and import the set up and install it to the exact same car. Even though the wheels are not available to purchased in H3 you’ll still be charged for them.


Ahh ok thanks :slight_smile:

Wow! Didn’t know this.

does any one know if motorsport 6 had centerline wheels? ill buy a copy just for the rims i this works happily.

I don’t know if Centerlines are available but you can’t import all the rims from FM6 anyway. Some work, some don’t.
I’d like to mention that it is risky to sell cars with FM6 rims on. Some people reported that the cars were taken away from them in the AH and couldn’t be reclaimed.
Strange behaviour, instead of patching it, they rip people off without any notice…

The logical conclusion would be that they do not want to deal with the legalities behind glitched rims they do not have a license for being distributed on the internet in any method.

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