Are the New Forums IPhone compatible?

I have read through the New Forum FAQs and used the search tool, but didn’t find anything concerning this.
The reason I ask is because I am not able to see the Forum Rank info or Identify moderators in the posts. (I also searched these things to no avail). If I am unable to see these things, it’s possible I am missing other content as well. I just want to make sure I get the full benefit of the New Forums.
Are there setting adjustments required on my part?
Sorry if I happened to miss any answers that have already been given, but, I assure you,I did try to find the answer.


Edit: I tried to find the right place to post this, but this seemed to be my only choice as I was unable to add a new post elsewhere or reply to existing New Forum Questions. Hopefully a Moderator can move it.

When I look at the ad they put on fb its shows a tablet, smartphone so I assume they would.

I am on a Droid device and I cannot see whether someone is a mod, post count (for person or thread) and other such things. Pretty safe guess they dumbed down a few things to streamline it for mobile devices.

[Edit] there’s probably a way to get the full site, I haven’t tried myself though.

Mobile “optimized” may not mean optimal for all info. Optimal for post viewing maybe. Ranks, maybe not.

I accessed the forums on my laptop and compared the two. On the IPhone I don’t see the forum ranks and therefore can’t identify mods. Other than that and a few other visual differences it’s fine. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything or creating unintelligible posts from the IPhone since I use it more than the laptop.

Try turning your device sideways.

This worked for me. Android S3 (s4 is a little bigger screen) .

I’m using the dolphin browser on Droid set to desktop, meaning I don’t want to see sites designed for mobile (some are OK, others are majorly lacking).

This site comes in as mobile regardless… kind of wish it didn’t, I’d like to see stuff like how many views a thread has, or the last person who posted…

Also, I tried searching, what does liking an individual post do? I’m guessing liking the original post adds a [+1] next to the thread title, but I see no such thing inside the actual threads. You can also search your likes under your profile, I guess I’m more asking if in the full desktop view can see a [+1] inside the threads next to posts or not?

I was hoping some IPhone users who are more capable than I am (not too hard) might have suggestions to enhance my capabilities. I’m still not up to speed on the darn thing after a year LOL.
Other than a few insignificant things missing and the smaller than usual text, I’m liking the new forums though.

we used responsive design throughout the Forza Motorsport site including the new forums. Basically the page scales based on the device it is being viewed on.

One of the first things I did was try turning it sideways. When I do that I can see the Forza Total and Driving Since numbers, but no Forum Rank or way to Identify Mods.
I’m sure this is a device issue and it’s not hindering my ability to participate in the forums at all, from what I can see. I know who most of the Mods are anyway and have not (and don’t plan on) creating a need for them to moderate my posts, so it’s all good.
If I dig deep enough I may be able to find a way to get it all by changing settings on my phone, but if not I will live.

Edit: I sincerely appreciate the responses. Thank you.

As I mentioned my browser has a way of tricking websites into thinking I’m on a desktop computer, or even an iPhone or iPad while I’m really using a Droid.

The problem as tester dork mentioned was that the forum scales to your screen size. I doubt there is anyway you can change that through settings.

Yeah, I did a lot of research today and couldn’t come up with an answer. I’m sure it’s because the IPhone has a ridiculously small screen. Oh well, this is a good reason to upgrade to the Galaxy S2 or S3 or maybe even that Mega. I think I still have a few months on my contract though, so until then I will live with it.

Yes it’s wat I use