Are servers down?

I’ve been trying to set some laps on rivals this weekend and haven’t been able to access the servers. Are they down or is it a problem on my side? My Xbox Live is working perfectly fine though.

This happens to be often. If it is T10 that’s one thing, but more often than not it’s something local. I’m on Live, etc. can connect to GTA or other games, but not Forza. I do a Hard reset. Unplug for 10+ seconds and restart.

More than likely they’re engaged in some sort of server maintenance and that affects connectivity to various database related functions such as Rivals, Leagues and Multiplayer…after all it’s Sunday.

This happens to me every time I want to play forza online, I have to do the full restart, doesn’t happen with anything else and it is very rarely my end with fibre optic.

I’m having the same problems. I can get into the lobby, select which league I would like to partake in and then it says disconnected from server. Hard reset does not work for me.