Are servers down ?

as in the title, Failed to create match request. leagues and hoppers, never had a prob before


Have the same issue here. Was working fine, then started getting weak connection message while in a league race. Reset my modem and console, and still have this issue. Hope someone can verify if there is an issue or not soon. Still have a little over 2 hours left for this round of leagues.

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Same here, getting same message.

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Same issue here, I’m in the UK and am getting “failed to make match request” everytime I attempt to join a league lobby.

Can anyone from T10 shed some light on this, is it your end or ours?

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can only hope for speedy fix, spoke to friends and none can get in :frowning:

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Just looked again at the xbox Live Status page, and there is a matchmaking service issue on Xbox live…

Info can be seen here: Xbox Support


Yea, I’m getting the same issue. I’m gonna assume the servers are down. Possibly for maintenance.

Always seems to have problems when I’ve more time than normal to play in the leagues… Hopefully it’s sorted soon.

Not working here in UK :frowning:

Getting increasingly annoyed with turning my console on and finding — “THE FORZA MOTORSPORT SERVERS ARE UNAVAILABLE, PLEASE TRY LATER!”

I moved from Gran Tourismo to Forza as Forza is a far better game but it is becoming more and more clear that the servers were built by the lowest bidder. In many years I never experienced this problem once with GT but these days, when I turn the game on, I half expect not to be able to play online. I’m so glad I paid the extra for the Porsche expansion pack! NOT!!!

Please sort it out!!!

If you looked at the xbox live service status page ( someone already posted the link above) you would have seen it was a problem with xbox live not just forza
Was affecting all games

So many people having problems.

Come on T10 — a response would be good!

There is NO service alert on the status page yet so many people can’t get into leagues or public lobbies.

Absolutely infuriating and what’s more, T10 cannot be bothered to get this resolved on a timely basis.

Seriously, a huge company backed by Microsoft, and this is your response window?

At the time this thread was started
Also when i posted my comment there was a service alert about game matchmaking

It has gone now since that was 2 days ago

Its just back to the regular cant get into lobbies which has been around since day 1

For me to get into a lobby i have to clear my cache from alternate mac address in the network settings
A pain to do but usually “fixes” it for a little while
Doesnt hurt to properly restart your console every now and then either

I have already done the Alternate MAC thing + clearing Persistent Storage (for good measure) + full hard reset. Nothing fixes it.

I can join or invite others to a private lobby and race for hours without any hitches whatsoever.

I posted two days ago asking for a response from T10 - FORZA to this problem but my question didn’t appear. In the meantime the servers are apparently “STILL” down.

This is ridiculous! Maybe I’ll go into town tomorrow and trade my FORZA 6 for something that works!!!