are people losing their saved progress on X1?

I have read that this is happening. I also read that this happened on previous Forza games - was this issue fixed on old Forza games? ie should I give FH2 a miss for a couple of weeks until it is patched, or is it likely to still be happening in a few weeks or months from now?

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hopefully it’s just a rumor

one of my mates who I know on another site is reporting losing all his perks and all their owned cars. I don’t know if I should even load this game up now, I have not done that much, but it would be really annoying if this happened.

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I lost my Forza 5 save and had to start over. It sucked.

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Yes i have since it came out.

“I lost my Forza 5 save and had to start over. It sucked.” oh sheizah

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ive lost my gift cars everything three times

I have Forza 5 and Horizon 2 and so far I did not lose any data and I hope it will keep that way, as far as I know the lost savegames were cloud-saves.

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I have heard this , but never happened to me … yet ^^

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My data seems to be failing to load with the servers and it freezes when I hit "A’ on the title screen everytime. I am getting a little desperate for an answer from Turn10… I hope my progress is safe but I’m leaning towards no. I can’t even get on to check…

is this kind of issue usually fixed with a patch not long after release?

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Just speaking from personal experience … I’ve played FM5 on XB1 for hundreds and hundreds of hours and now H2 on XB1 every day since launch and have never had any issues of losing saves, content, progress or anything else.

How you can lost your save date and progress at fm5?
How is that even possible i thought the cloud server saves your progress too?

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When you get a sync error and choose to load the newer data (cloud save which is empty), rather than the older data (HDD save).

I lost my whole save in FM2, everything has been fine since.

Sync error? How? Why using the cloud save when your Hdd have all your progress too? Makes no sense to me.

My xbox was broken a while ago and after 3 weeks i got it back, all my progress i had in bf4,forza,fifa where still in the cloud! Just install the disc.

I didnt play fm5 since FH2 came out are my progress in danger too at fm5? Or older ones

I had an issue where the game would not load on the start screen, It would not sync and said it needed to re-sync with the servers but it kept failing, so I stopped the sync and deleted my local game save as instructed, then I had to re-install the game and sync my data. It took awhile but It eventually loaded and I lost nothing.