Are Game Filters Too Politically Correct

As someone who designs & builds all my own vinyl’s and race paints I come upon the filters with boring regularity sometimes having to literally strip down a paint to discover what it was triggered the filters and stopped me sharing my paint with the Forza community. Now what foul disgusting vinyl had I put upon my paint to get the filters attention well Hiscox Insurance was one, now even I can see why the filters reacted badly but the fact is Hiscox is a major sponsor of racing worldwide and can be seen on many cars competing right across the motor racing world but i’ll give them that one.
However I truly found the latest filtered paint a total joke because the item that triggered it was just so inoffensive it was only a little cartoon style scowling face with the words Road Rage Racers surrounding it which strangely enough as a vinyl was shared with no problem but on a paint was a definite no no. I totally agree with filters to stop offensive items appearing on cars but I suggest that the filters need to be adjusted so humorous content that is in no way offensive can still be part of the Forza racing scene because I don’t know about you but I enjoy the odd laugh at some of the marvellously funny paints we see while racing.

I think the filters are something T10 are doing because of the terms from xbox and microsofts. so if someone can back me up on this, then this is the wrong place to bring it up. microsofts would be the right place to ask of this.

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Blame Xbox Live.

All of the online material in Forza (including shared content), are subject to Live’s crazy language filter.

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yep xbox live sets the filters which turn 10 have to follow


I’m guessing Hiscox insurance caught the filter because of the last three letters of Hiscox. To think it recognized the company name and filtered on that is giving it a lot of credit I don’t think it probably deserves. The filters do get frustrating at times. Some of the things I have found that caught the filter were truly ridiculous

If I understand the OP correct, he refers to a vinyl applied on a car per se that triggered the filters. I stand to be corrected, but was (and still are) under the impression that the XBL filters assess the saved file name and not individual text- or -other vinyls applied on a car. ???

Xbox Live “filters” - even on these forums - check the words in text input areas, not the content of the user-created graphics, which are a combination of sometimes thousands of shapes.

Any graphics violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct are individually visually flagged. See the “CONTENT IN XBOX LIVE” section of the regulations.

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