Are forums becoming or already obsolete?

It just seems like devs tend to pay attention to websites and social media like Reddit and Twiiter more than forums,its also usually where journalist look at for stories to publish just like with this whole V.I.P issue.I’m sure forums are still good for posting bugs and glitches but it seems like if we want to speak out on things that need to be improved other places seem to be a better platform imo.

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I think it’s because it’s easier for them to avoid directly tackling the issue on a social media platform that is flooded with random crap. Some also have character limits for the incoming questions, so it’s easier for them to be “answered” incorrectly under the guise that the original question wasn’t so clear so that they can dodge the real issue.

On a forum like this, it’s easier to have longer drawn out discussions, keep track of posts and etc.

Look at some of the posts around here… Sure, we have some “OMG THAY RUIND DIS GAEM WTF TERN 10 Y U DID” type of raging responses, and those are easy to ignore/moderate… But you also have some well thought out posts explaining issues, and when everything is laid out clearly like that it’s a lot harder to dodge the issue or avoid answering the question.

I dunno what happened in this industry… It’s certainly not just Turn 10, as I’ve seen similar customer neglect from Rockstar, BioWare and a few other smaller devs just in the relatively small number of games I play these days. Over the last few years customer service has gone down on these kinds of things, we get less and less real interaction from the developers. You can see the damage it does to the forums, without any kind of answers or even acknowledging the issues openly it leads to a lot of rage for the moderators to clean up. It also leaves us with nothing to do except assume the worst and speculate wildly, which pretty much always leads to arguments in the forum and the negativity spreading even further which kinda brings the whole community down a bit, and again more stuff for the moderators to clean up.