Are DLC drivers treated different?

I’ve started to notice this, is it just me, or does it seem like you get wrecked more when you’re in a DLC car than a normal car, I seem to get wrecked by someone alot more in say a HW mustang than a lancer evo 8, am I the only one noticing this trend? Or do you think people with DLC cars are getting wrecked more than people in normal cars?

I suspect it might be related to poor spelling and grammar.


He’s “okay with that.”


I lol’d

I also think it’s just coincidence… Most of the children out there wrecking don’t care what you’re in, they just care that they’re being a pain in your ass and ruining your experience.


why are you all ways so quick to criticize so one.

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I think it’s just coincidence.

obviously yes as only DLC drivers have access to DLCs :wink:

I could be driving the latest and greatest DLC wondercar or the most dull of standard hatchbacks that shipped with the game, either way I’m still going to have some rocket scientist try to win the race by punting me into the stratosphere into the first turn on the opening lap.


Not being a multiplayer or anything, but based on what you guys have said in the past.

I’d bet it’s got more to do with the low IQ levels than the high PI levels.

It doesn’t matter what you’re in, mindless ppl that just love to locate and hassle those of you that simply want to have some clean racing fun, they WILL find you, no matter what.

It’s a shame that it’s come to this where the sheer number of wreckers now outweighs the number of proper players. And, it’s going to grow even more.

Especially if Turn 10 make Forza Motorsports (F7+) more arcadish than proper sim … As that will then appeal to even more nitwits, and make online life even more frustrating.

That’s presuming that they do nothing to help change it of course., which, by their lack of feedback, seems to be the case.



Okay, I was wondering, I go into game chat sometimes and I hear people crying about people who buy DLC cars, I thought maybe they target DLC drivers, so I wasn’t sure

Ok that actually sounds believable. It’s not terribly common, but you’ll find groups of people who blindly hate on others for very odd reasons. It’s been like that for many years. What until you meet the ones that rage because you used a differential or forza aero…

Usually it’s because they feel threatened for not being able to compete.

In this case, it sounds like they’re broke and jealous of you. Shrug it off.

My favorite medicine is to play by their rules and torch them. :slight_smile:


I have read posts in the past, where people claimed certain DLC cars were being targeted by people. I have never personally witnessed it happening.
I don’t take the time to even notice what kind of car I am racing against, let alone whether or not it is DLC. But, I don’t doubt there are some who would behave like that.


Nope i get wrecked everytime i go online no matter what I’m drinking


Maybe LB cars.

LB cars?

The alot of hate over leaderboards cars. Alot of them are DLC cars.

Mes, think da they is wrek dlc peoples lots an lots cuz it b fun

But I actually have noticed quite a few HW Mustangs being taken out.

Naw, the mustangs take themselves out, then hits a crowd

Lol, but I heard some jerkwad in game chat saying he was wrecking a guy because he was in a DLC Focus 2017, sickening

I’m certain I have a"hit me sticker" on my bumper. I’m with Oz, the more sim the less trolls. Aiming the game at the masses get masses of nitwits. It would be wonderful if the game attracted only those who intended on racing not wrecking.
If my grammar isn’t proper…

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It wouldn’t really matter if it wasn’t made for the masses, there would still be problems, I think I have one of those stickers too, sad to see these people that don’t know how to race or just come in to wreck play, meanwhile, T10 says that you have to sit there and take it if some idiot tries to wreck you every time you try to pass, but just "report them,l then go and join another lobby, even though you either join the same lobby over and over, or you get a lobby with 5 people in it

(Lol, these grammar queens make me laugh, it’s the internet, lol)