Are cars disappearing from my garage?

There has been a few times we’re ive gone to get a car from my garage thinking I own it and it’s not been there and they haven’t returned.

There’s a couple CLK GTR, 250GTO that stood out to me most as they aren’t cheap to replace but I know for certain the CLK GTR disappeared after an update and instead of being in that car I was put in a focus ( this has happened to me quite a lot but not just on updates and never noticed if any of my cars were missing ) only when I went to get back in it and I no longer own one.

I just thought it was me at first thinking did I really own these cars or was it FH3 but when it’s a car you were using 10 minutes before a forced update and not playing FH3 since September it’s unmistakable.

Has anyone noticed anything similar?

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Do you have check can you see those cars when selecting car before race? As there is some people who have “ghost” cars that they cant see on garage even when autoshow car is owned and can select that when selecting cars before race.

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