Arcade Tips for beginners

Few tips for Arcade Completion till they fix their servers and issue game patch:

  1. Arrive at the arcade early. 3-4 mins early. They start showing up at 10 mins, 25 mins, 40 mins and 55 mins past every hr. So be there quick and wait without going out of the circle.
  2. Wreckage and Drift ones are easiest to complete.
  3. Avoid Chaos events as server sometimes takes (wastes) 1 min to give you next task.
  4. Avoid Air Arcades as the Bullseye events are bugged and takes minimum 7-8 people to complete. Forget about this till they adjust this event via patch.
  5. Speed ones can be done with 5+ players but staying above certain speed is tough. Higher your speed, faster is points accumulation.
  6. For drifting from one point to other, you can teleport to highway and accumulate large drift points and it is not required to drift only on the path shown by the game. You can drift on any **** road in the game.
  7. Wreckage needs to be Great wreckage or higher to accumulate wreckage points. Smashing a single tree does not get you point. Purposely bump into a unbreakable object to break your skill chain and again wreck something to earn faster points.
  8. If you complete 1st task, for god’s sake, fast travel to next task location instead wasting your precious time driving to it. This simple thing most players forget. It’s baffling.
  9. For trailblazers and danger signs, again teleport to the start instead of driving around towards start like a foolish person.
  10. You can also convoy with willing people from Forza official discord to have more players attempting the arcade and improve your odds at winning.

Wreckage being easy is subject to where the event takes place, in the one where you have to earn wreckage skills in the middle of nowhere with little else but cactuses near the edge of the area + posts at the side of the road it’s horrible.

When it isn’t playing up Chaos is the easiest one by far particularly if you get a Trailblazer round in there as the requirement for those is incredibly low.

Fast travel to + use the freeway in drift run rounds instead of the destination + route the game gives you.

But regardless while I understand + agree with people’s complaints about this mode some don’t seem interested in the current + only viable solution outside of continually trying your luck with randoms.

If Unlimited Prowess or finishing round 3 of an event matters to people that much they’d get themselves in a group, I joined one after getting a message out of the blue 2 weeks ago and we got Unlimited Prowess done in 1 sitting and now get back together for the playlist requirement, since everyone knows what to do + has suitable cars for each Arcade type 4-5 of us is enough, any randoms in the events are just an added bonus.

Like I say I completely understand where people are coming from with their issues with this but at the same time if you’re point blank refusing to go with the solution you’re making an already difficult task even harder for yourself.