Arcade jump bug

I just did an Arcade and, of course, we didn’t even complete the first round. This was a “jump X metres at a danger sign” one. What I think happened - I am not sure but I’m going to keep my eyes on this and measure it on the screen - was that the goal was 4000 metres of jump. The jumps registered in the bar but what seemed to happen is there was always 4000 metres of jump remaining. At 4500 metres completed the bar was just over half-way and the jumps didn’t appear to be registering the same width in the bar so I think the bar was simply growing by the total amount jumped. In other words, at the start it was 4000 metres but after 2000 metres had registered the target was 6000 metres and the bar was one-third filled, then at 4000 metres jumped the bar was half-way to the updated target of 8000 m.