Arcade is Fixed

The Arcade seems t be fixed.
I just soloed it, and i got thru it in 4 min!
I had a MUCH lower requirements to pass the round.
Just one run at the trailblazer and “round passed”!

Did not see any other player, might have been cause i got a inactivity disconnect before it.
Waiting for the second one to start as i am typing.

Thank you for fixing it!


I can confirm. Just soloed a drift arcade without even trying hard. I tried dozens before and barely made it to round 2 before. Not sure if it makes up for the Min max achievement messup but at least this is more useful than those 1000 FP they gave.

Probably for the best that they made it possible Solo.

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Hard to say based on one Arcade I’ve completed since update especially since first round was just driving in circle in Sesto FE.

Just did Drift Arcade Solo, and it was easy. The first drift zone I only went up once, and back again, and it was complete. The second one, drive to a destination, only had to drift there once, and it was done. The 3rd was for skills in the circle, and that finished quite quick. I would say that the entire thing took about 4 minutes. I actually did it faster Solo than when there were 10 of us before.

I completed all 5 types of Arcade solo yesterday, there isn’t much effort involved now. That’s good for the easy forzathon shop points going forward. Also the free buggy :slight_smile:

I haven’t encountered another player in arcade since the patch. I thought we were supposed to be matched with larger groups?
Arcades are a bit boring now with just me playing them. They’re not a challenge.

There is still a major bug with the accolades. The ones for doing 2 in 30min, 5 in 24h and 10 in 5h are RESET if you use fast travel at any time.

Another less serious bug I noticed was in a wreckage round I just did, most pinatas were either half buried in the sand (not a big problem) or in the SEA which meant you literally couldn’t get to them because you sank.

Well that might not be a bug if they are timing you, and you use fast travel… seems like cheating.

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It’s not just fast travel, going into a house or festival also resets them. I think just switching cars does it, too. It’s definitely a bug.

No, think about it. One of them is to do 5 arcade events in 24 hours for example. Fast travel doesn’t change that.

If fast travel was considered a cheat during an event, it shouldn’t even be possible to select it, should it? But you can’t even use it BETWEEN events. It’s either a bug (most likely) or a terrible design choice.

I did all of them earlier but I did it all in one session without quitting the game or changing cars.

Probably a bug then.

Most definitely a bug. I even tried without fast travelling and it still didn’t count towards it.

Its not a terrible design choice, you just suck at the game. Its a great design choice, some of the accolades should be harder to obtain than others. I just finished the 10 arcades in 5 hours accolade, took me just 2 hours to do (solo). So stop crying and being negative for no reason. Some stuff should be challenging and you should not get it for free. If you think so otherwise, just git gud. Because right now you are just complaining about everything lol. Feels like its sort of popular to complain about everything these days, isnt it? You feel proud of yourself to complain about everything? The game is great. So stop.

That will be a bug. They have that in place for the “do 2 trailblazers in 3 minutes” and it makes sense there. It makes no sense for arcade events where the challenge is actually doing them in 24 hours, not in getting them done in a set time.

Yeah, that. But it also resets if you change your car. So better do them all in the same car and possibly do only drift arcades.

So the ARCADE events… which were fun co-op online multi-player events in FH4 have been “fixed” in FH5 by turning them into solo events that require no coop involvement at all?

Very poor solution.

Instead of fixing the online map issue and populating it properly, they just bypassed that problem completely by negating the online co-op aspect of the ARCADE.,



It looks more like requirements scale based on number of players.

Did Speed even earlier today.
1st round: speed trap
I only had to do two passes to complete
2nd round: limit breaker
Which was easy since I only had to drive in circle but it did require quite a lot because another player joined

I did 10-13 level 3 completions straight last night, a lot of them solo.

As far as this being a “poor” solution, well, I’d rather I’m able to actually complete level 3’s now, even if it means soloing or small groups (1-3 others) than not.

This actually makes them worthwhile to do. Does it mean less co-OP, sure, but to me, that’s better than how it was for sure.

I have discovered a bug though, where the Arcades disappear from my map, if I go to my house or the festival site. The only way to make them come back seems to be restarting the game.

Switching cars doesn’t make them disappear mind.

Ps. I’m thinking there will be more fixes brought in to make it so that Arcades will be better in the future in regards to co-OP functionality.

Just did an air round, some of the bullseye targets are still stuck in the ground. Didn’t stop me completing it though.