Arabic Language Issue : Texts are in reversed order


I just installed the game demo and the first thing I faced is the Arabic language texts
Arabic language is right-to-left reading and writing language , In the demo the letters are ordered in the reversed way which is from left to right
like when we reverse the word “FORZA” to “AZROF”

and here is the video , I added some of the correct Arabic texts to show you the difference

the texts I added in the video are in 0:09 , 0:29 and 1:49 .
There are correct texts showed in the end of demo you will see it in the moment 2:49 of the video

and yea really thanks for the Arabic language support :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that I am using Windows 10 Pro 64bit Arabic language (which the Start icon is on the right) with with the latest update

All of my friends have the same issue with arabic language which means its from the game itself

I think it just an align text problem , maybe if you (developers) try to switch the game align (in the Arabic system version) will fix the problem