[APX] Team Apex

Hello, we are Team Apex. Founded in 2009 by APX Walker, we are going on 4 years strong as a team.
T10 deleted the old forums, so I have no idea what the old OP says, but we’re awesome and we’re like a family. We’re just out here having fun, drifting, racing, and doing stuff that we enjoy. We aren’t strictly a FM team, we’re very multi-platform. Most of us have PS3’s, and PC’s we game on.
P.S. We are currently really inactive on Xbox side of things at the moment.


APX Walker - Jeff
APX Bandit - Matt

Co Leaders:

APX BkS - Bally


APX Mosh - Josh
APX Calhoon - Josh
APX Dope Teddy - Robert
APX Cobangbang
EG Taylormade - Collin
OhMyMatthew - Matt
Ialyrn - Liz
l iAlexxx l - Alex
ZSPaulus - Paul

Welcome to the forums Bally.

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I cant remember the last time I ventured onto the forums XD Some of you know me, the majority probably don’t but even though im inactive, I have been busy irl with the automotive scene. Creating my own jdm club and attending many meets which have been a lot of fun. Ill post pictures when ive worked out the new forums XD

Sup Liz. xD

Oh hey Josh.

Think we need to make our new home, more… homely?

Liz, where’s the Alicorns at?

Hey Mosh, sounds awesome and I cant wait to see some piccies. Bally, lol!!!

These new forums confuse me. Isn’t there like a reply button? Instead of a quick reply?

Its right at the top, its quicker to press “quote”, and then delete the contents of the text input window.

Hey everyone c:

Hello Blinky

Sup Blinky! :slight_smile:

Why hello, glad to see APX is still up and going. TGF/APX drift sesh maybe in the near future.

Just a quick post from me, as I said previously, I have set up my own jdm club, ive just posted a load of pictures from fast show from the sunday just gone;

Page link - Redirecting...

Fast Show album - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.439728859463772.1073741830.415925328510792&type=3

Hey whats up team Apex, just thought id stop by and say hi from the TGF fam