Apparently I've been "Permanently Ghosted" for "Crashing Into Other Players too Much". Help.

I’ve been playing a lot of E-Class hopper in the Multiplayer lobbies. Obviously, not everyone is a good sport, and there have been people who will constantly brake check me, shove me into the grass, or just spin me out by turning into the rear of my car. I do admit that when these things happen on purpose, I drive very defensively and hold my position. And I also admit, that sometimes my passes aren’t perfect, and I’ll scrape someone’s side or corner here and there. But I noticed recently, it’s a lot harder, no, downright impossible to fight back when they try to spin me out. I can no longer hold my ground on the road, they can push me into the grass like a knife through butter. I contacted one of the people in the lobby that was particularly enthusiastic about spinning me out and pushing me into the grass, asking him to stop, and he said I was permanently ghosted, that I had been reported for crashing too many times.
I’m very angry about this, and I seek to be a physical being on the road once more, rather than a fast moving feather in the wind that anyone can pick up and move aside.
Help me, please. How do I get into contact with someone who can hear me out and undo this “permanent Ghosting” that makes me a featherweight pushover-mobile?

If you are ghosted they cant push you…they would drive through you
Sounds like someone is messing you about

lol that’s a new one!
“Not my fault mate you were ghosted on my screen”.
Try a different hopper? Don’t sit right behind someone going into a bend so they cant brake check you?
Sounds like you were being hunted down because of early turn one crashes.

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Sounds to me like you are much more aggressive and more dangerous than you think. Practice as you have many self admitted incidents. Now that my unrequested observation is stated…

Use a heavier car. Light cars are easily knocked around by bigger vehicles.

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