Make a app for the game like where you can see your cars, tune them, actually take advantage of the forza photography mode and view games you chose to save. I think that would be useful at least to tune cars. More like a showroom garage app.

I really don’t see the point in an app like the one you mention. If people can’t take the time to sit down to do those things by their Xbox, and instead need to do it on the go, it’s time to rethink what you do in a day. But that’s just my personal opinion.

I think I have to agree with you. But an app that alerts you to when a friend or rival has beat your time, might be quite nice, show your tier, and let you claim your monthly rewards. Could be cool

Wait are we getting into wish-list territory

Most people who tune will want to test drive their cars before using them for rivals or multiplayer so an app for tuning wouldn’t be useful for the majority of tuners.

I think personally an app would be a waste of time whilst there remains so many glitches in the game let alone it serving any real purpose.

turn 10 shoudnt work on stuff like that unless they have a Trainee for that. still too much to fix in this game.

At this point, Turn 10 is going to concentrate on the remainder of DLC for this title. My Guess 1 more track, and car packs till December. but I doubt they will work on fixing. most of T10 is concentrating on Forza 6 and has been since pre release of Forza 5

There won’t be any further tracks.

no fixes anymore?that would be sad. cause some of them woudnt be so big and would make the game much better.

What about a livery creation app? Not painting cars, but just making liveries that would be there next time you log on.
That would be cool I think:-)

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For forza 6 I’d love to see smart glass integration.

we could have features like a track map (similar to what BF4 has) or being able to view telemetry through the app, or if turn 10 ever gives up tyre and fuel options the ability the play around with strategy


How about they fix the game.

all speculation regarding ‘no more tracks’ ‘DLC to December’, ‘most of the team working on FM6 before FM5 launch’.

If any of those can be backed up by official articles, then thats fine, but please don’t assume with no substance behind it.

We had all those kind of rumours prior to The Ring being released too.