Apex curb FFB issues?

Am I the only one that thinks the apex curbs feedback is completely out of whack? I have never encountered IRL steering wheel feedback similar to what I am getting in Forza. When I set wheel feedback at respectable levels that tries to mimic RL driving; the curbs are super unrealistic feeling. When you touch them it nearly yanks the wheel out of your hand. It makes it very tough to cut apexes when you are losing room by trying to avoid these at all costs. They also seem to be overly slippery, causing spin outs when exiting on throttle. Mugello is a prime example; when exiting turn 2 the curb reeks havoc, or the sweeper in turn 7 causes over rotation constantly as if you crossed an ice patch; even when the right side wheels are planted firmly on the track. Very annoying.

We already have a very nice ffb thread where you can find good settings there, I use wheel too and don’t have your problems so you are probably using wrong settings. For sliding curbs I suggest you to play with normal steering and if it still persist try working with differential acceleration setting.

It’s not my settings. I have tried every setting on the planet as well as multiple tunes on different cars; and they all have similar results. I only experience this in Forza; no other game results in this aggressive curb feel. Why would I try normal steering; Forza is arcadish enough without dumbing it down even more.

What wheel are you using?

Well I use a trustmaster ts-xw but I played with G920 till a year ago, I use normal steering because I feel Sim steering unnatural how it behaves when you lose the rear (well different from any other racing game or simulator).

Interesting. I’m curious to compare the two now. That still doesn’t solve the oddity of the over aggressive FFB from curbs. I can’t say I noticed it as much on my friends g920, but I didn’t spend a whole lot playing on it either. I almost want to avoid the green hell altogether (which I love) for this reason.

Apparently I’m the only one who’s ever brought this up; which is quite surprising.

I’ve only had the game about 2-3 weeks now but the harsh curb feel was the first thing I noticed. And it’s also ironic that you mention Mugello turn 2 because yesterday I tried about 8 times to win that Forzathon achievement at Mugello Club in a B class Opel and each time I barely hit that curb the car would lose it’s rear end and spin out. But if I tried to slow down to avoid the curb the AI would smash me in the rear.

I went and ran it again with updated settings for the DD1 and a known tune from Raceboy; and it makes absolutely no difference. Mugello is super frustrating (among many other tracks) due to abrupt FFB when running across them as well as the car auto rotating for no reason when driving over them. I spun countless times tonight testing different approach angles etc. There is just something wrong here. I don’t own any other game that exhibits the same characteristics.

It depends on the track, the Force Feedback & the tune. Forza’s tracks are lazer scanned, so certain tracks have higher & more aggressive curbs like in real life. Laguna Seca & Spa for example have really low & forgiving curbs & run-off while COTA & Mugello have very harsh curbs.

Watch Chris Haris’ video in the Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR, he clips the curb on the final lap & you can see how the car & wheel react pretty violently.

Also Force Feedback does make a difference. Load sensitivity, vibration, road feel, wheel damper, pneumatic tail & aligning torque scale will all effect how curbs feel.

All my tunes are for steering wheel. I use the G920 from FM5. Search the tags “PapisLeal” or “SRT PapisLeal” and try to use or if you need help, in the G920 setup, send me a message when I’m online on Live.

Remembering that in the setup has adjustments in duplicity or even triplicity as the case of wheel angle, and in other cases, has adjustments that are sub items of a global adjustment.

And more, many tunes of TOP one, do not serve to play steering wheel. Except my tune to WTCC on Deytona trioval day.