Anyway of knowing your drivatar's skill level?


I was wondering if it was possible to see my Drivatar’s skill level. (Like when I tail a drivatar in game, it always says “pro drivatar” or “average drivatar”)


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I am sure it changes. My friends that I see all the time when driving change from time to time even though they have not been playing the game. It just seems random.

Oh that’s too bad, would be cool for the game to rank you.

Thanks for answer!

I think it’s relative to the car you’re driving versus the car the Drivatar is driving. If you’re driving a B car and the Drivatar is in an S1, I think it’ll place them higher than if you’re in an X versus their S1.


The Skill level isn’t based on your skill in-game, I have a friend drivatar that doesn’t even own the game and he had one of those head-to-head bounties

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One strange thing I’ve noticed is that a drivatar that I created in FM5, (has a complete joke), consistently places second 95% of the time. I basically taught it every bad habit I could think of over the course of a few days, and made no effort to actually teach it anything clean or proper. I have also never raced it in FH2, and never will. Dang thing keeps leaving my other serious drivatars in the dust. Both of those are used to play serious FM5 games, and have been leveled up into the 40s in FH2. They’re also both definitely faster in FM5. Very odd. You’d think that the joke one would be the least “skilled”.

Your driver level int he game does change randomly but it is mostly based on, pretty sure, the years you have been a Forza player and the amount of points(achievement points) you have for the games. I have played since 2007 every game, this account and another, and have over 5k points. So under your profile for this website mine is tier 5.

…then why does it say you are tier 1 next to your name?

That’s just the forums they sometimes show it like that, usually is okay after a while though