Anyone who knows?

What happens in a freeplay-race where min 1 pitstop is required if you forget to pit? Disqualified?

Still have five laps left at Nurburgring and needs to take a decision…

I believe you are disqualified. Been a while.


Yeah I guess so. Well I still have a 50+50% bonus from drivinbg the FE Escort at night but I`ll have to forget the +260% bonus from 3xStay on the track.

Turn10, wake up, this is unfair

How is it unfair
Think about it before you set it up
Cant blame them for YOUR settings


Oh shut up talby, you`re not that stupid are you?

Oh ok
I’m stupid but you are doing the same old thing over and over and you know it doesnt work but still do it

And the post above is 100% correct and you lose nothing

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Don’t need to be rude; you can turn off damage/fuel during the race and turn it on again to automatically refuel without using the pits.